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In 1859, The Salesian Congregation was found

+ In 1859, The Salesian Congregation was found by the priest John Don Bosco for social and educational initiatives in favor of poor youth.
+ A century later, following such a legacy, Father Andrej Majcen (An Rê Mai Sen) and Father Giacomo estabblished the Salesians of Don Bosco in Vietnam (SDBVN).
+ For nearly 70 years, SDBVN has developed 5 vocational training center where thousands of poor youth can learn a career for their future.
+ In 2014, the An Re Mai Sen Hospitality Training Center opened its first restaurant, the Maisen Bistro servers Asian and European culinary finesse and is located at 56 Nguyen Van Lac, Binh Thanh district, HCMC.

+ In 2019, the Don Bosco Bakery, a second shop, arrived at 32 Truc Duong, Thao Dien for bread and patisserie lovers.
+ The Mai Sen Bistro and the Don Bosco Bakery are the perfect places for young, talented and hardworking trainees to showcase their craftmanship via excellently executed dishes, beautifully ddecorated patisserie and attentive.


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"Dining for a cause!"

Good food - check! Nice ambience - double check! Plus great location and attentive service. What was surprising is that the place is run by students - mostly from underprivileged backgrounds who are interested in developing a career in the F&B trade. Had a very good experience. Keep it up!
- Jerry N @50jerryn

“Excellent dining and special atmosphere!”

The food is excellent and you’ll get a wide range of dishes in here (Vieatnamese, Italian, German, ...). For expats the German bread and original German beer is highly recommended! Staff is very friendly and in no time we got our dishes! By the way, eating in here pays to your Karma account as the whole place is run by Trainees of Gastronomy - mostly from underprivileged and poor backgrounds. So your dining supports their future!
- Schu @schustarr

“Wow! A school Bistro!”

This is in the center of Saigon City ... it teaches young Vietnamese the German standards in cooking... the students are taught in 3 years! The students’ English is very fluent! And the food is great!
- Sdbblitar @sdbblitar


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